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Virtual Production

Virtual Production with InCamera and VERO

We love practical filmmaking and effects. We love some of the old techniques and try to preserve some of the knowledge of past days by using them in our projects, and producing content for our channel that shows these methods still very much have their place in modern production.

But that doesn't mean we aren't down with the new. And VP is very much the new.

In the last few years Virtual Production has been the dominant subject of conversation in filmmaking, and we've been lucky enough to work with Bristol VP experts Vero for the last two years, developing the tech and working on productions from broadcast docs to TV ads.

Virtual Production and How it Works

Virtual Production is a set of technologies that are revolutionising content creation. Put simply, it is the convergence of real-time rendering, VFX and traditional filmmaking.

Put even more simply, VP uses real-time environments and animations using the video game engine Unreal, along with LED screens or green screen compositing, along with tracked cameras to deliver visual effects shots live and in-camera.

It means you can instantly place your product, talent or set in a location that’s driven entirely by a real time render engine.

Virtual Production @InCamera

Pioneered during production on the Mandalorian, Virtual Production screens, known as 'volumes' are a revolutionary filmmaking tool when combined with 3D gaming engines like Unreal, that can produce incredible results. Originally screened for the the 2022 FMX Convention in Stuttgart, Tommy and JP spent 3 days experimenting with miniature photography on a VP volume, in an effort to take this new technology to new and exciting places.