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We built our Studios to be a place people want to come and work.

Away from our client's studio-specific requirements, we provide facilities that will make your shoot go smoothly, from parking, breakout spaces and showers to edit suites, production office space and a range of video game consoles for downtime (or keeping the talent occupied between takes).


Hair and makeup crew have a calm private space away from the studios to work their magic. Our HMU area has two bays, natural lights as well as lit mirrors, and plenty of power for hair dryers.

We have irons, tables, steamers and clothes racks for costume too.

Green Room / Breakout

Upstairs, away from the hurly burly of production, you'll find our offices and breakout space, complete with TV, video games and sofas - a little haven of quiet above the madness.

Local Amenities

We spent many months looking for the right spot. Somewhere quiet, but accessible, and with great local amenities that would oil the wheels of any shoot. We are extremely well served by local shops like Sainsburys, the Range, Wilko and a great many food options with M&S, Costa, McDonalds, Burger King and a great Pizza place within walking distance. We're also in range of a great many excellent Deliveroo restaurants if you're not using one of our suggested caterers.

Fibre Internet

We have fibre to the premises, provided by City Fibre, which gives us enormous up and download speeds, which makes our place an ideal spot for streaming. We've had live gigs, product launches and corporate events streamed straight from our studio.

It's also great for DIT operators who need to get their footage backed up to the cloud after a day's shooting.


InCamera is part of the Creative Energy Project, which is run by Good Energy and BAFTA/Albert. The purpose of CEP is to encourage our notoriously energy hungry industry to move towards a lower carbon future.

Check out this video we made for them, might explain things a little better.

Studio Info / FAQ

  • Studio Access

    Studio Access

    Large roller shutter doors offers excellent access directly on to the floor of Studio One. Great for car shoots and easy unloading.

  • Sound


    Excellent acoustics provide a superb environment for recording sound.

  • AV/Playback


    5.1 Surround set up for playback. Can be operated from our tablet or simply connect via bluetooth from your phone.

  • Power


    3 Phase supply splitting via distro boxes to 32 & 16 amp feeds, with plenty of standard 13 amp connections.

  • Bathroom/Showers


    It gets pretty hot under those studio lights, so we've provided showers (mostly for the talent!). Just bring a towel.